The 33 Best Watch Brands – The Best American Watch Brands

Ranking the Best Watch Brands was as risky as it was difficult. So, we decided to put together a list of watch brands you need to know if you are interested in watches. Brands you’ve probably heard of before, but you might miss a few. The sole purpose of this article is to help you see more clearly and to arouse your interest so that you want to know more! Yes, these accessories are not just for the rich, they are ageless and not just for James Bond and his ilk. You too can have one. But first, it’s time to introduce you to the best brands.



Rolex is undoubtedly one of the greatest luxury watch brands in the world . Besides James Bond, she created watches for Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama. When we hear these names, we recognize that Rolex has come a long way.

The label has been used since 1905 . It was in London that the first models were promoted by its creators, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. In 1926 , the two friends released the Oyster, the first waterproof watch ever made . In 1945 , they continued to innovate with the “ Datejust ” (dial with automatic date change). To go even further, in 1953 Rolex launched the Oyster Perpetual Submariner , an improved version of the Oyster, and the first watch with a dual time zone, then the GMT Master, in 1954 .

Even today, Rolex manufactures revolutionary and high-quality watches , with a daily production of 20,000 pieces. The movements are designed to be reliable, precise and flawless . The prices seem excessive, but strangely, it is the brand that best justifies them: second-hand watches are among the few that hold up, at least for reference models.

The designs evolve over time without revolution and embody classics, especially in diving watches and chronographs. The company has an essential asset: its after-sales service , which is perfect in the image of its products. The fact that the brand is the best known and most easily recognizable by the general public sometimes provokes strong emotions. Beyond the caricatures, the clientele is actually quite diverse: from the seasoned watch collector to the young entrepreneur looking for a good time, from the person looking for a social marker to the one who has painfully saved to achieve a dream.


Omega, part of the Swatch Group , operates in the high-end market . The brand is driving the growth of its owner group, and for good reason: it has a long watchmaking history and is considered one of the best in the industry. It now offers rare new generation watches, stunning designs and excellent interpretations of vintage watches.

The diversity of the collection is structured in a thoughtful way, and the brand has a strong character through models that have marked the history of watchmaking. Omega made significant efforts to compete with Rolex , in particular by modifying the organization of its after-sales service, in addition to the advantages mentioned above. The brand sometimes takes advantage of the production of limited series of several thousand copies.

The price of the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch is exorbitant new, despite the fact that this model has been a profitable watch for the firm. Omega continues to be a well-balanced brand in its market, especially with its new models equipped with the Master Co-Axial movement.

Omega ‘s journey began in 1848 , when a young Louis Brandt founded his boutique in La Chaux-de-Fonds . At the time, he designed Louis Brandt watches. Louis-Paul and César Brandt, the two sons of the inventor of watchmaking, took over the business in 1879 . They have developed the Omega 19 lines over the years, and it is from them that the term Omega comes.

Consequently, the company has been known as Omega since March 10, 1894 . From then on, the industry experienced a very promising development. Omega’s first waterproof model, the Seamaster, was launched in 1948 . However, Omega deserves credit for being the first watch to reach the moon. On July 21, 1969, Buzz Aldrin wore his Speedmaster (Moonwatch) .

Omega today sells watches intended for scuba divers. It also offers casual models, such as the Dress Watch, for people who want a casual and elegant look. Nevertheless, it offers expensive and historical models such as the Pilot’s, the Cosmic, the Petrigrad and the Centenary.



Cartier is a household name among jewelry connoisseurs. Cartier is the French juggernaut of watchmaking. Historically, Cartier (the grandfather) created his jewelry store in Paris in 1847 . Cartier jewelry marked the city of love. Back then, everyone proudly wore their chains and rings. Seventeen years later, Louis-François Cartier’s grandson Louis Cartier invented his Tank watches . These early versions were, in fact, based on the design of military tanks.

Cartier watches have long been distinguished by the refinement and durability of their design materials. Wrist jewelry has always been the category in which it has been classified. Cartier continues to offer its luxury watch products to women and men who love French style. Moreover, whether they have a gold, silver, gold-plated or leather strap, the watches of this Best Watch Brands are artistically romantic and very pleasant. Their appeal comes mainly from their exquisite features and Roman numeral.


Part of the Seiko group , Orient represents a well-known entry point into mechanical watches thanks to its low prices , while Orient Star, a little more “upmarket” than Orient, allows for a slightly higher price to benefit more attractive watches. The prices are quite low, but remember that the movements are still extremely rudimentary.

A good introduction to mechanical watches for people on a budget , with a preference for the Orient Star, which lacks the unattractive Orient emblem on its dials. Orient is a Japanese men’s watch brand well known to watch enthusiasts, a company established in 1950 that offers reasonably outstanding value for money and a wide range of models from classic watches to diver’s watches and contemporary automatics . Prices for Orient watches range from 100 to 600 euros and mechanical self-winding models start at 100 euros.

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Montblanc has been producing excellent watches since 1858 . Watches can only gain a prestigious reputation in the watch industry after decades of hard work. Montblanc, for its part, began with a modest workshop in the valley of Saint-Imier.

Production at Montblanc is still done by hand. Indeed, master watchmakers supervise the production of watches in large companies. Montblanc watchmaking offers private creations in addition to pre-designed versions. In conclusion, whether you are looking for a classic model or a custom model, you have come to the right place.

Did you know that before leaving the manufacture, Montblanc watches are examined for 500 hours ? Yes, the company wants every watch lover to have a functional, sturdy and eye-catching luxury model. Also, Montblanc has been part of the digital watch era since 2015 .

The Richemont organization owns the brand , which boosts its watchmaking experience. It should be strongly emphasized: the brand then diversified into perfumes, leather products and watches. The design of the watches varies from very traditional (Heritage Chronométrie models) to generic (TimeWalker models).

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The history of the French watch brand LIP begins in 1867 in Besançon , thanks to Emmanuel Lipmann , who established his watch business there. The watch company made a name for itself by appearing on the wrists of luminaries like Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle . Lip currently offers both contemporary and historic men’s watches, all inspired by the company’s rich history.

The price range of Lip watches is between 300 and 1,500 euros . The brand name was associated with the worst before being gradually turned around in recent years. There has been a clear improvement for Lip since it became part of SMB, with watches that benefit from a sympathy capital linked to history and from a move upmarket. The current models offer good value for money and the company incorporates the reintroduction in 2019 of a historic caliber of the old Lip made in France: the R23.

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For those who appreciate minimalist design e. After having heavily equipped the units during the war, the brand, thanks to the designer Max Bill, is moving towards the Bauhaus style. Junghans, like almost all German brands, is a Swiss watchmaker, in this case ETA. Junghans is a German watch company which, since 1861 , has been producing a very sophisticated type of men’s watch, whose enduring design is based on craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. The Junghans men’s watch is therefore a modest, elegant and modern watch, priced between 800 and 3,000 euros .

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Being part of the Richemont company , the brand is somewhat discredited, despite a few rare classic models that might be worth a shot in the future. Richemont’s choice to develop a “Baume” sub-brand surfing on the eco-chic trend and targeting a young audience ready to pay a lot for an ordinary quartz watch… with an approach that seems to be more marketing than ecology contributed to the decline of the brand. Nevertheless, some recent new models from Baume et Mercier give some reason for optimism for the brand .

It was in 1830 that the watchmaker Baume & Mercier launched into production . Therefore, it continues for more than a century. Furthermore, the story begins in Les Bois, in the Swiss Jura . Swiss watchmaking is one of the oldest in the world, having been around for 200 years or more !

Today, each prototype developed by the house is produced with the greatest care. Indeed, Baume & Mercier watches are created by the fusion of ancient know-how and technical advances. The shop does not just sell authentic and unique items. Indeed, it is at the forefront of making the toughest watches on the market. However, the prices charged at B & M are quite correct . Choose Baume & Mercier if you want exquisite luxury on your wrist without breaking the bank.

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patek philippe

In 1839, Patek Philipe watchmaking was established in Geneva . Antoine Norbert Patek and François Czapek formed a collaboration that resulted in the formation of the company. However, in 1844 François Czapek withdrew in favor of Jean Adrien Philippe . In terms of miniature watches, Patek Philippe invented the precision regulator in 1881 , the double chronophage in 1902 , mechanical time zone clocks in 1959, the Easter date display mechanism in 1985, and the representation mechanism astronomical in 2000 .

Patek Philippe has thrilled members of the British Royal Family for many years. Both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have worn them . The brand was also favored by figures such as Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and Paul McCartney . In a word, the PP is the symbol of an authentic VIP. It is a UFO because, despite exorbitant prices, it is the only one to arouse an irrepressible desire, leading to a wait of several years for certain watch orders . In every respect, the brand is unique in the world of watchmaking.

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First of all, it is essential to clarify that Maison Zeppelin is not a manufacturing company. In other words, at the time of writing, all of its watches are equipped with a movement obtained from a third-party manufacturer. In a sense, the German firm is “happy” to build a movement in a case. Then you have to add what makes a watch a watch: hands, a dial, a strap… Don’t worry, this process is not specific to watchmaking. For economic reasons, many car manufacturers buy engines and parts from other manufacturers. As a group, they achieve huge economies of scale, which allows them to keep prices competitive…

This German brand Zeppelin, in reference to an airship bearing the name of its founder, is today a company that has diversified to get into watchmaking! The company sells men’s watches inspired by the world of aeronautics of the last century, watches that pay homage to these flying giants. Aviation watch lovers will surely want to take a look at this brand, which offers models from 200 euros.

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The company is present in the premium watch segment, but its offer fails to stay in trend. Unfortunately, Blancpain has a fascinating history (the company was founded in 1735 ) and deserves a boost. We always travel to Switzerland to source this premium watch brand.

Blancpain was founded in 1735 and flourished in the 19th century . If one meticulously traces the history of watchmaking around the world, Blancpain is undoubtedly the oldest watchmaking industry in the world.. Blancpain has become a household name among watch aficionados and collectors simply because of its age. Blancpain’s work is, without a doubt, of high quality. The elegance of their design distinguishes old and new models on the market. After all, it is about two centuries of knowledge. Blancpain watches are high quality watches with a distinguished design. The manufacturer offers a distinct design for each range, ranging from luxury sports ranges to so-called dressy ranges. Either way, Blancpain is the brand of choice for ladies and men who prefer to rely on the technical and material precision of Swiss watches.

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Master Singer

MeisterSinger is a German watch company that has made a name for itself in the world of watchmaking with its watches based on the concept of the one-hand watch . MeisterSinger created the company in 2001 , and today it is one of the references and specialists in this style of men’s watches. A single hand to tell the time is, of course, not suggested for people who are always on the move… Count between 800 and 4000 euros to acquire one of the brand’s models .

If MeisterSinger is known for anything, it’s for their watches. This image sticks with them because it is a highly sought-after niche that they have successfully conquered. It’s a pretty unique take on time, something that won’t appeal to everyone and is rarely offered in stores. Not to mention the non-existent appeal of a fluid second hand sweeping across the dial. That does not discourage us, we had to put to the test one of the classics of the brand, recently redesigned: the Neo.

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IWC Schaffhausen

The International Watch Company Schaffhausen, or IWC Schaffhausen, was founded in Switzerland in 1868 . The development of this watch company is attributed to the American Florentine Ariosto Jones, who was 27 years old at the time. The young man made the decision to settle in Switzerland in order to create his fortune. As a professional watchmaker, he quickly established himself in the industry.

IWC watches are known for their athletic appearance. These are luxury items that should not be overlooked, especially if you are a movie buff and an athlete. Indeed, thanks to the films Top Gun and Commandant Cousteau, IWC has largely won the hearts of our contemporaries. IWC has wreaked havoc in recent years, especially with its The Big Pilot model.

Even today, she won the hearts of celebrities like Tony Parker, Orlando Bloom and Zinedine Zidane . In addition, it was thanks to IWC that titanium and ceramics were introduced into the production of high-end watches. Furthermore, in modern watchmaking, these two materials reflect the promise of excellence and reliability. IWC watches have a reputation for being quite sporty. In any case, these are luxury products not to be missed.

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Day, this year

Tag Heuer enjoyed continued success as part of the LVMH corporation . Prices are often adjusted to provide customers with a diverse choice of options. A few in-house movements sit alongside Sellita 7 movements, and a few models enjoy particular success, such as the Autavia, which looks more intriguing than the now all-too-famous Monaco worn by Steve McQueen in the Le Mans movie parts.

TAG Heuer, manufacturer of sports watches, has been around since 1860 . The brand’s first prototypes were marketed in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, in the Bernese Jura . Heuer’s business quickly gained popularity. In addition, he was able to manufacture remarkable series as early as 1880 in order to satisfy all his customers.

TAG Heuer, whose acronym TAG stands for Technical Avant-garde, has evolved over the years towards the creation of sports watches. Also, we owe TAG Heuer the oscillating pinion . TAG Heuer has been around for almost 150 years and has won a silver medal in the creation of pocket watches . TAG Heuer launched its first multi-time zone watch, the Twin-Time, in 1955 . TAG Heuer was honored by astronaut John Glenn in 1962 when he wore a TAG Heuer watch aboard the Mercury-Atlas 6 Friendship 7 mission .

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Tissot, a Swiss brand of the Swatch group, was founded in 1853 and offers automatic or quartz watches. Tissot has a wide selection of men’s watches in various styles: classic, sport, diver, chronograph, skeleton… the price of which varies from 200 to more than 3,000 euros .

This brand collaborated very early with Omega. Today, the brand sells mechanical and quartz watches aimed at the entry-level market. Tissot, which previously boasted a less complex design than Hamilton, now appears to be offering a more attractive entry-level alternative. The calibers are refined and have consistent ETAs.

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Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis is well known for his phrase “Dare to be unique”. Compared to the luxury companies listed above, watchmaker Roger Dubuis is quite young . Either way, the brand has features that appeal to its customers. So in 1995, Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias created Roger Dubuis . Since then, the company has focused on fine watchmaking. Roger Dubuis’ creations have always been avant-garde. To improve each of them, he meticulously uses Swiss watchmaking engineering. The Excalibur, EasyDiver, Goldensquare and Excalibur Lady La Monégasque collections are among the brand’s most popular watches.

Sadly, Roger Dubuis passed away in 2017 . Despite this, the company continues to manufacture high quality watches. On the other hand, if you like the steampunk style with gears , brassy colors, and so on, you might just find it in a Roger Dubuis.

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When they see this brand appear here, some may cry foul. Still, if you love watches, the name Festina should be familiar to you. The Swiss brand, founded in 1902 , is also linked to Spain, since it was bought in 1984 by the watch company Lotus and its owner Miguel Rodriguez . Even today, many teenagers wear a Festina watch on their wrist, a symbol of coming of age. If automatic variants are available, it is the quartz watches that contribute to the striking force of Festina. In some ways it’s better than Fossil. Festina offers a wide range of watches with various styles and exquisite and sophisticated appearance ranging from 75 euros to more than 400 euros.

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Founded in 1881, Seiko is a Japanese men’s watch company that is one of the inexpensive watch brands. The brand gained popularity during the emergence of quartz watches in the 1980s. It offers Japanese quality and rigor watches ranging from 150 to more than 7,000 euros for Prospex models .

The reputation of the Seiko brand for value for money is sometimes exaggerated because some Seiko watches are attractive with reasonable costs, but nothing more. The collections remain relatively perplexed by this brand, with watches that are sometimes correct, sometimes bad. Recently, the prices of many models have been revised upwards, as the brand seems to want to repeat the Swiss practice of repricing, albeit 20 years late.

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Yema is a French brand of men’s watches founded in 1948 in Besançon . The company sells exceptionally well-built dive, automotive and aviation watches, and it uses Kickstarter campaigns to fund its new ideas. On the watch front, especially on social media, models ranging from 250 to more than 3,000 euros are presented. After creating strong diving watches, some of which were intended for the military, the brand found itself in the underground, offering watches for free in exchange for magazine subscriptions…. It has gone through different owners. The Montres Ambre group now owns the exploitation rights. Given the popularity of one of its vintage models, Yema has tried to revive itself on several occasions. Without success. The brand has just resurfaced, and this time with more success by staying much more true to its heritage, although the quality can still be improved.

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Audemars Piguet

The brand relies heavily on its well-known and very comfortable model, the Royal Oak, whose design is reminiscent of the 1970s . It should be emphasized that the automation of workshops, often associated with cost reduction, does not prevent charging exorbitant prices for steel models, and even more so for those in precious metal.

For 150 years , Audemars Piguet has been producing innovative luxury watches with a more than ideal design for its consumers. The firm was founded in 1881 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet . They have known each other since childhood. They have collaborated over the years to develop one of the most opulent watch brands in the world.

In 1882, Audemars Piguet invented the first repeating wristwatches . The company also invented the first luxury steel sports watches. In addition, she caused a stir with her huge watch, the Royal Oak Offshore. Having stood the test of time, the AP still stands tall and elegantly adorns the wrists of celebrities. Indeed, superstars such as Tom Cruise, Serena Williams, Jay-Z, LeBron James, and even Kylie Jenner are AP fans . Yes, all aficionados of the high life have resolved to fall in love with this brand.

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Vacheron Constantin

Breguet is one of the oldest brands (Swatch Group). While the reference models continue to be exceptional, keep an eye out for a few models that, despite their low price, deserve a better level of polish. Vacheron Constantin is a well-known name in the world of high-end watchmaking. Jean-Marc Vacheron created the company in 1755 . She introduced the first models of sophisticated watches around 1770. These are the models with more hours and minutes displayed. Years later, he imagined the guilloché dials to raise his works to the highest level. Currently, the brand is owned by the Richemont Group , a Swiss company that manufactures luxury items.Marlon Brando, Donald Trump, Kate Bosworth and Rick Rose are among the celebrities who wear the VC on their wrist . Prior to this, Napoleon Bonaparte and Harry Truman also had the honor of wearing a VC .

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Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches. It was established in 1833 and is renowned for its movements, which have delighted customers for generations. In 1845, the Jaeger-LeCoultre family made one of their most important discoveries: the winding watch . Incidentally, one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s best-known models is the Reverso . This one-of-a-kind sculpture originated in 1931 , when it was sold to a British Army commander. Jacques-David LeCoultre then asked the latter to design a fairly robust dial, capable of withstanding the most extreme shocks.

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The Chopard house was founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard . It is a jewelry manufacturer that also makes watches. This company is renowned for its inventions of women’s watches. It achieves this by focusing on innovative design and decades of manufacturing experience. The traditional strong point of Chopard is the creation of a watch with a sapphire dial including a diamond. Indeed, this company has forged a reputation in the luxury industry thanks to the refinement of its creations worthy of fine jewelry.

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In a way, the brand was a victim of its overabundant success in the 2000s: prices grew disproportionately following a staggering outbreak. A prisoner of its design, which is also an integral part of its identity, the brand remains strongly associated with diameters of 45-47 mm and a notable thickness . Panerai is trying to reinvent itself with the Due collection, which has a much smaller diameter (and thickness) of 38-42mm but a water resistance of only 30 meters…

Among the positive points, in addition to a strong personality, we must note his collaboration with Mike Horn , who is sincere. Panerai was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy . The company began by manufacturing watches and precision equipment for the Italian Royal Army. Much later, she began to design diving models for the Navy. Panerai shines remarkably with its Roman numerals, perfectly respecting its royal creation. In 2006, the firm collaborated with Ferrari to offer exceptional versions to speed enthusiasts. Panerai has always stood out for the simplicity of its designs as well as the efficient and flawless operation of its masterpieces.Supermodel Heidi Klum, Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan and Jerry Ferrara are among the celebrities who have chosen Panerai.

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Another big name in quartz watches! Swatch watches, which made their debut in Switzerland in the early 1980s , have always been distinguished by the simplicity of their design and their bright colors. The first model was made of plastic, and it still is today, although the brand is increasingly adopting bio-based materials. We appreciate Swatch watches for the collaborations it creates, such as its current MoMA collection. The men’s watch brand Swatch is a benchmark in watchmaking, and virtually everyone has worn one at some point in their life.

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Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin, positioned at the top of the spectrum, is very attractive in terms of high quality manufacture movements. The brand went through a phase where the design of several of its collections was particularly unusual, especially in the Freak and Executive lines. However, the firm seems to be making significant adjustments and again presenting increasingly stunning timepieces, especially those influenced by historical models such as the Le Locle Diver . Some models from the Marine and Classic collections have also proven popular. Although the brand offers a good finish and excellent movements, the costs seem to be a bit high in general .

It was created in Le Locle in 1846 . Ulysse Nardin’s mastery of watchmaking stems from a family heritage. As a result, the brand is at the head of a historic company. The most notable aspect is the manufacture of waterproof variants. Indeed, she equipped several sailors worldwide in 1870 . Even today, one can find models from the past that have made former followers happy. However, it mainly focuses on the following collections: Marien, Diver, Classic, Executive and Freak. Furthermore, Ulysse-Nardin is renowned for the durability of its products. The company indeed uses high quality materials in the production of its collections. True watchmakers know that Ulysse-Nardin is a must .

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Piaget SA

Georges Edouard Piaget founded Piaget SA. In 1874, he established his business in La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland . Initially, the brand ventured into a more modest area. Its first watchmaker works on a farm. Despite this, the company knows how to manufacture and create high quality products. The construction of models embellished with precious stones is the first distinctive sign of the brand. Indeed, lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx and tiger’s eye have all been used in the masterpieces of Piaget SA. The dial of a Piaget SA watch is studded with sparkling stones. It is nonetheless endowed with a pretty pattern worthy of the most beautiful diamonds.

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Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross, a French watch manufacturer, was founded in 1994 . The company was founded by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo . Its headquarters are in Paris , although the majority of its production takes place elsewhere. The company is renowned for the design of its products, which is inspired by military aeronautical instruments . As a result, it generally has a square black dial.

Bell & Ross has always been able to please its loyal customers with the elegance of its production methods. In fact, every Bell & Ross watch features a slim, durable design and a reliable mechanism.

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Bremont is a British watch manufacturer . It bases its products on aerospace-influenced designs. Nick and Giles, two brothers, created the company . Since 2002, Bremont has presented a mechanical design, with an emphasis on the question of aviation. Bremont is a hidden gem for people who appreciate British finesse and class. Indeed, Bremont seduces watch collectors with the exquisite and classic contours of each watch model. This brand will delight you if you are looking for a classic, simple, functional, yet beautifully crafted clock.

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Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet is a watchmaker, a painter and a farmer’s son . His family has always been prosperous. In 1816, Louis Moinet completed his first chronophage . This prototype was nicknamed by him the counter of thirds. He has always had an interest in watchmaking, which is one of the reasons he was able to produce his magnificent timepieces. Louis Moinet’s pieces are precious because they are the result of a production process that lasted centuries. In fact, Louis Moinet was elected president of the Chronometric Society of Paris for his dedication to watchmaking. Even today, the people who inherited the company continue to perpetuate the remarkable workmanship of the master watchmaker. We owe many quality watches to Louis Moinet.

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Girard Perregaux

This historic brand, which is now part of Kering , specializes in fine watchmaking. Unfortunately, the brand has become much too discreet. The quality and finish are there, but Girard-Perregaux clearly needs more dynamic communication. Girard Perregaux is still in the race after more than 200 years of making luxury watches. In addition, each GP watch contains the knowledge of several generations of master watchmakers . Therefore, each of them is simply exceptional.

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Mechanical watches are the fundamental feature of the Corum line. If you are attracted to these models, you should trust Corum. Swiss watch enthusiasts, in particular, will find what they are looking for when acquiring a Corum. The company’s products, like those of most Swiss watchmakers, combine robustness and utility . Although the company manufactures luxury models, it is also known for its items aimed at a more mainstream clientele. In any case, it embodies all the values ​​associated with Swiss watchmaking.

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As a member of the LVMH group, the image of a “bling bling” watch is deeply engraved in our minds… which does not prevent the commercial success of the brand, even if good taste is not always systematic. . Hublot, although receiving many distinctions in the world of fine watchmaking, is not mentioned in the catalog of alumni. It has actually been around since the early 1980s . Nevertheless, the delicacy with which it is produced continues to seduce watch connoisseurs.



How to wear a luxury watch?

Beyond a simple functional aspect, a luxury watch also has the role of sublimating your style and bringing you a touch of elegance. Moreover, if you are passionate about luxury, we can only recommend the site It’s Luxe Time , which presents other accessories such as necklaces, sunglasses, but also complete outfits that will perfectly complement your watch. .

Let’s take a look together at some tips for showcasing your luxury watch. First of all, you will need to choose a model that suits you. It will depend on your style, as well as the image you want to convey. Many criteria will determine your choice: the size of the watch, its shape, its color, the materials of the bracelet and the case… In general, we consider that the first impression is generally the right one. If you like a particular model of watch, it is implicitly the one that suits you, corresponds to your style and the image you project.

However, pay attention to the colors. For example, if you opt for a luxury watch with a leather strap, make sure, if you wear leather, that the color is the same. Two colors that are too close could clash with each other. It is also possible to opt for a color complementary to those of your clothes. Thus, if you wear black or gray, a white bracelet will not be shocking, quite the contrary.

A thin, steel luxury watch will be the easiest to wear, as it will match most styles of clothing. Conversely, leather cannot, for example, go with a sportswear or too casual style.

Another example: for a tuxedo or a business suit, opt for a thin watch, rather than an oversized 48 mm type case.

Cheap luxury watches?

As an individual, you should view the purchase of a watch as an investment in your future. You don’t have to buy a watch just because it’s ‘cheap’. Instead, you should look for a watch with great value for money that is made by a well-known brand in the watch market. You will then benefit from a reliable and efficient watch that you will keep for a long time, if not all your life. When it comes to models made by large companies, the watch can be compared to a piece of jewelry. There are many explanations for the high price of a luxury watch, including the materials used in its construction, the time spent developing and producing models, and the knowledge required for the design. It is a unique item that must be purchased at a higher price. Buying a second-hand luxury watch and taking advantage of reduced prices can be a financially advantageous decision.

Is my budget appropriate?

Of course, budget is an important consideration. You will have greater access to the world of high-end watches and more amazing complications as you progress through the ranks. Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase, bell, and many more. However, when it comes to the initial purchase, wishes often have to be moderated. New watches are available for purchase from €3000. Pre-owned luxury watches are a good solution to expand capacity as they are 20-50% cheaper than new luxury watches.


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