Canon eos rebel t6i 24.2mp dslr camera with 18-55mm lens and extra 55-250mm lens

Are you looking for the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens? Read on for our full reviews of the top options with Pros & Cons.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens – Wi-Fi Enabled Review

Are you searching for Canon eos rebel t6i 24.2mp dslr camera with 18-55mm lens and extra 55-250mm lens features and review in 2022. My smartphone camera occasionally has limitations when I’m traveling or at an event. I expect images that appear good in the end. For individuals who are not aware with DSLRs  Canon and Nikon are still the 2 that first come to mind. Today, I have the Canon T6i, the amazing model in their range of cameras.

Although I paid $600 for The Canon EOS Re

bel T6i, it retails for $900 with the 18 to 55mm kit lens.  I’ll try not to make it too technical for you.The best Rebel to date. We say that remark around once a year. We mean it this time,  The new 24.2MP APS CCMOS sensor along with the 18MP on the T5i / 700D, is combined with a new 7560 pixel RGB + IR metering sensor. For more precise measurements in the Canon EOS Rebel T6i and with  clear distinctions

With sensor-based pixel CMOS points, Canon’s new Hybrid Canon EOS Rebel T6i CMOS AF III improves focus time and accuracy in live view. According to Canon, Hybrid CMOS III should operate similarly to Dual Pixel AF like  19-point phase detection AF as the Canon 70D and ISO range is still 100-12800, extendable to 25600

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Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens – Wi-Fi Enabled Review


We’ll quickly tour the area and talk over its highlights before moving on to the photo samples.Thanks to its sturdy polycarbonate plastics, the T6i maintains its modest and portable size.There are discreet grips all over the camera, but on the battery door proper, where your palm presses up against the camera, wish there was texture.Canon does offer good deep grip for grasping, preventing any sliding, so it’s not too awful.
Overall, the quality is excellent.The device also has a miniHDMIport for connecting to a monitor or TV, and an A/V out port, which I used to link my camera to my computer directly for file transfers. As with other consumer-grade DSLRs, there has a swivel touch screen at the back. Nevertheless, it is a MiniUSBconnection rather than a MicroUSBconnector, so you can’t use the more typical cords you use to charge your phones, tablets, and other devices in this location.
Although cables are now reasonably priced, remember that it uses a separate USB connection. Perfect for timed group shots to make sure everyone is in the picture and perfect for people The camera overall weighs 18 ounces, or slightly over a pound (17.99oz, 510g). My scale reads 1 lb. 10 oz., or 760 gram, 26.8 oz., with the battery and kit lens attached. The front is a touch softer and more flat with the body when compared to the other buttons, but operations are still carried out as intended.
The top buttons and dials offer plenty of response with solid strong press.Moving to the left of the camera are connections for this external microphone and remote control. nice and warm makes return for  accessories like Speedlight or an external microphone, that I’ve got here.
The screen is a inch TFT LCD panel that seems like smooth, sturdy piece of glass rather than plastic.The LCD is just incredible.Despite not being an OLED screen, the colours still stand out, the contrast and saturation appear to be very true, and honestly, it is pleasing to the eye.
Theoneofitsbestof functions is getting more prevalent on cameras made for consumers. Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, and WiFi are now available.
Simply touch your phone to the camera’s bottom to automatically establish a connection with the T6i.You can tap your phone to take a picture while using the Canon Connect app as a remote monitor.The application Feature is  Highly practical. But the only issue is , the video mode doesn’t work. it’s really helpful. You can adjust settings in the application, but maybe the finest feature i like is the ability to wirelessly transfer photographs from the camera to your smartphone for social network sharing.

Even the professional level Canon and Nikon cameras lack the built-in feature.However, since The Canon EOS Rebel T6i upgraded to the Digic 6 processor which helps with the camera’s new sensor, it has also been quick and responsive.With a total resolution of 24.2 megapixels, the Canon T6i has the most megapixels of any crop-sensor camera. auto focus performance has improved as well.


The t6i has 19 autofocus points compared to the t5i’s 9 focusing points.additioanlly with extra 19 cross focusing What this truly implies is that you will focus photographs more quickly and precisely, especially for moving objects and people.The Nikon D5500, a direct rival of the T6i, has an outstanding 39 focus points, which serves as a great illustration of how this may be hard. Overall, for people who are starting  this is such a great camera.This camera only produces vivid and well focused images straight out of the box.All of the images below were taken in automatic mode.

Price and accessibility

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i  is available for $749/£599/€799650 for the body itself, $899/£689/€899 for the 18-55mm STM lens, and $800for the 18-135mm STM lens.A battery grip (BG-E18), many viewfinder trinkets, and wired and wireless remotes are among the available extras. In April, both cameras will be obtainable.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i  should carry on Canon’s habit of selling dSLRs that are popular with consumers thanks to enhanced performance over its predecessor. Although the newest member of Canon’s midrange consumer dSLR portfolio isn’t very exciting, that’s not exactly the EOS Rebel T6i’s point   It is still a reliable choice for anyone searching for a camera that is useful and can take photographs of puppies, kids play sports, and vacations.

The performance of the Rebel has finally been improved by Canon, who have increased the number of focusing points from 9 to 19. , it is comparably quick for all other tasks. It takes 0.3 seconds to focus and fire in both high and low light, It can maintain a burst of more than 30 JPEGs at a rate of 5 frames per second, and I discovered that the in-focus hit rate is suitable for all photographers of kids and animals. The battery life is good, however utilising the Wi-Fi quickly depletes it.


The Canon EOS Rebel T6i mode dial, which features the customary manual, semi manual,and automated modes in addition to a 3 on/off/movie button, is located on the right side of the device. The three basic multishot formats are HDR Backlight Control , a four shot Handheld Night Scene mode, and Night Portrait.


There are a few filter effects available in Creative Automatic mode in The Canon EOS Rebel T6i, like blurry black and white, soft focus, fisheye, vibrant oil painting, watercolour, toy camera, and tiny.It will only store the image with the filter applied if you shoot in Live View, which provides you with a preview

Pros & Cons

  • Maximum resolution APS-C Canon camera as yet
  • Greater dynamic range compared to its predecessor (
  • Very high ISO performance for an APS-C device with 24 megapixels.
  • Images are a little bit soft
  • Features manual white balance, excellent colour and hue accuracy
  • Lightweight design with sturdy construction and ergonomics that are comfortable
  • A helpful and responsive tilt/swivel touchscreen LCD
  • Good video quality and continuous AF
  • Accommodates both wired and wireless remotes
  • Extremely quick autofocus and an optical viewfinder
  • Rapid cycle times for single shots
  • Burst speed that is competitive but not extraordinary for its class
  • Excellent autofocus in dim lighting
  • Off-camera slave flash devices can be controlled by built-in flash as a master.
  • Built-in NFC and WiFi
  • Inadequate battery life
  • When shooting in RAW Auto, the buffer is too little, and the tungsten lighting’s incandescent white balance option is too warm.
  • No choice for video in 60p
  • Only when Wi-Fi and NFC are turned off does HDMI output work.
  • No headphone jack

Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens Video Creator Kit with 55-250mm Lens

Features of the EOS Rebel T6i (750D)

  • Hybrid CMOS AF III focus system with 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 19-point focusing system (live view}
  • IR and RGB metering sensor with 7560 pixels and skin tone detection
  • Fully articulating touchscreen LCD with frames per second in 3″
  • Wi-Fi 1080/30p video with NFC.
  • ISO 100-12800, E24.2 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor (expandable to H: 25600)
  • Excellent MP4 results can be captured with the EOS Full HD Movie mode.
  • Brightness Management
  • choose among seven levels
  • You may record swift action with high-speed continuous shooting at up to 5.0 frames per second.
  • Excellent autofocus performance is made possible by the 19-point all cross-type AF system.
  • Wi-Fi and NFC built-in, 18 mm minimum focal length.
  • Canon EF lenses are compatible with: (including EF-S lenses)

The Verdict

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i, The Canon EOS Rebel T6i also known as the Canon 750D is a respectable option for a first DSLR camera. Given that it is under $1000 in price and comes with many wonderful features,  is an excellent choice for anybody on a tight budget who yet wants to obtain excellent value.

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