Privacy Policy

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we give you information about the privacy policies in place at Please read the complete policy to ensure you fully comprehend our practises because different privacy disclosures are now required in different parts of the world.

A. What Personal Information About You Do We Collect?

Information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, IP address, and email address, is known as personal data. As a company, we obtain personal information about you in a variety of methods, such as:

Opt-In Your email address is used to email others on the website.
Name, email address, billing information, and method of payment are all part of the transaction.
B. Why Are Your Personal Data Being Processed?

The following goals motivate our collection of the aforementioned data.

Opt-In To Email on the Site: To send you information about the most recent changes, alerts, course specifics, promotions, the subject at hand, and the subject in general.
Processing a purchase you make through us.